About Us

S & G Technology Services Ltd., is a UK-based technology consulting company, specializing in assisting financial institutions to not only adapt to a rapidly changing world, but also thrive in it. Our main office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and we are part of Sirma Group – one of the largest software development companies founded in Bulgaria and present in Europe, North and South America.

Innovation is part of our DNA – we know that the ability to innovate is a prerequisite for success in the digital age and for this reason, the strive for innovation is incorporated in our ethos, culture and business values. We take great pride in our flexibility and customer-centric approach as they enable us to implement highly specific solutions with tangible business impact.

Our founder and managing director - Fabrice Gouttebroze, has previously held various senior management positions within Capgemini Financial Services, Capgemini UK and other major global consultancies.

S & G Technology Services Ltd is registered in England & Wales under number 8165885.

"Simplicity is the final achievement"

- Frédéric Chopin