Simplicity is the final achievement

For almost a decade S & G Technology Services and Temenos have been working together in a close collaboration with the purpose of adding new and innovative features to Temenos’ portfolio. We have proudly supported the delivery of more than a dozen of key product and feature rollouts Temenos has introduced in recent years.

This successful and continuous relationship has enabled us to advise and engage with major banking groups and financial institutions around the world, empowering them to respond to rapid changes in the banking technology landscape and exceed customer expectations.


Simplicity is what we aim to achieve in an increasingly complex environment where banks are facing significant regulatory pressure, ever growing operational costs, high customer expectations, demand for better and more secure online experiences. Just because the impediments hindering the development of financial institutions are complex does not mean that the solutions to overcome them should be designed with the same complexity in mind.

We take great pride in our team of seasoned consultants and developers who have been at the forefront of digital banking innovation, always on the lookout for new and efficient ways to deliver the simplicity our clients and partners need.

Whether it is a core banking implementation, a software development project or a system integration engagement, you can entrust us to remove unnecessary friction in everyday processes until there is nothing but simplicity. After all, it is the final achievement.

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